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Now it is almost 3 years I have been taking this supplement. I came to know this product from my sister in law's neighbor who leaves in Penang. She asked my wife to find the place where she can get this supplement cheaper. Through the address on the bottle pack we tried to search for the place and finally we found it near Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur. It’s quite expensive because it is a Multi Level Marketing product, so I have to become a member of Natstar so that I can get it at a cheaper price.

What is OPTIVIN™?

OPTIVIN™ is a proprietary blend of multiple berry extracts rich in anthocyanins derived from wild blueberry, strawberry, cranberry, wild bilberry, elderberry and raspberry. OPTIVIN™ is developed very recently to provide you with an optimal intake of antioxidant nutrients. OPTIVIN™ is the most potent first line of defense you can have to neutralize and eliminate the harmful effects of free radicals.

Why are colours important to our health?

The reason lies in the very substances that give fruits and vegetables their colors: phytochemicals. Anthocyanins have been found to possess some of the strongest physiological effects of any phytochemicals found in the colours of nature. From cancer to aging, heart disease to diabetes, anthocyanin's usefulness in protecting many body systems is becoming well established in the scientific world.

The science behind colours.

Many of the pigments responsible for the color of fruits and vegetables are the best sources of antioxidants. That's why health experts are recommending us to consume at least 5 servings of 5 different coloured fruits and vegetables every day in order to stay healthy.

A wealth of scientific evidence has determined that the body's formation of unstable oxygen molecules called free radicals is the cause of over 60 degenerative diseases. When you have too few antioxidants to counteract your free radicals, significant damage can occur, leading to a variety of diseases, ranging from stroke and fibromyalgia, to sinusitis, arthritis, vision problems, and even Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.

A poor diet, cigarette smoking, environmental pollutants, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun also increase the free-radical load, creating a situation known as "oxidative stress." The same process that causes iron to rust and cut apples to turn brown is happening in every cell in our body.
It is estimated that each of the 60 trillion cells in the human body take 10,000 oxidative "hits" every day! One cigarette is said to unleash 3 trillion free radicals into the blood stream. Luckily, our body does have a defense system against these rogue "oxidant" compounds: antioxidants. Found in numerous fruits and vegetables, antioxidants literally "mop up" free radicals.
However, free radicals are generated at such a pace due to our modern lifesyles that food alone can't provide all the antioxidant ammunition our body needs. Most people do not consume the recommended 5 or more servings of 5-colour fruits and vegetables everyday to receive our antioxidant requirements.
Antioxidants such as A, C and E help neutralize free radicals but their contribution is minimal. A molecule of vitamin C or E can only deactivate one free radical at a time. When vitamin E donates hydrogen to neutralise free radicals, it turns into vitamin E radical and becomes ineffective.

Is there another alternative?
Anthocyanins are natural substances that provide pigmentation (colour) to fruits and vegetables, in particular berries, and serve as a powerful natural antioxidant. Sunlight is necessary for photosynthesis but it creates free radicals that can damage the plant. These pigments act as antioxidants for their own natural defense to prevent the plants from damage.

Similarly, anthocyanins act to promote health and prevent chronic disease by scavenging free radicals to prevent them from harming the normal components of the cell in the human body. Several studies have shown that berries, which are rich in anthocyanins, possess potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic and anti-diabetic properties. Researchers at the United States Dept. of Agriculture, Human Nutrition Center have found that blueberries rank #1 in antioxidant activity when compared to a list of 40 other fresh fruits and vegetables.

How is OPTIVIN™ different?

More than 20 combinations of berry extracts were formulated and evaluated to determine the safest and most efficacious combination. By combining some of the most well researched berries into a highly potent formulation, Optivin™ provides a broader spectrum of antioxidants than any other individual berry extract. The different chemical profiles contained in OPTIVIN™ makes it a potent free radical quencher.

*OPTIVIN™ This product is approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health (BKMM) and JAKIM

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