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Directory submission is one of the most important part to promote your website or blog, especially if you want to get free traffic from search engines which is also the best source of traffic. Once you have build a website, it is obvious that nobody or no search engine will know about it. First, you will have to submit your site to search engines- Google, Yahoo and MSN is enough as when your site is index by these 3, bots from other search engines will also crawl to your site and get it listed. If you don’t have back links to your site, it usually takes longer for search engines to get your site listed. That’s what makes directory submission important.

Directories are always crawled by bots and when your site is listed in it, it will help get your site listed faster. And the more quality back links you have, the higher your site will get listed in search engine results and more visitors will visit.

Directory submissions should be the first step to start your website promotion. Besides getting your ranking higher, it can also bring you traffic from its own. If you don’t believe this, try this research – Search for a particular keyword on a search engine, get the url of the first or top result (not sponsored sites), and check how much quality back links it have. You can do this by using a back link checker.

There are thousands of directories on the world wide web. Some are free and some charges. Make searches to find them, if you think that directory submissions time consuming and not worth the time, you are wrong. It is tiring, but once your submission is accepted, the directory will link to your site forever, and you just spend a couple of minutes to add it.


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